Edge – Episode 4

African Stories
// 18 June 2017
Edge - Episode 4

The rustling wails of the leaves reached your ears as the boots of the men trampled on them as they approached your car.

“Who goes there?” A voice yelled again. A gun cocked.

The eerie hoots of the owls quickened the rhythm of your heart. You sat still, your breath frozen in your chest. Your gun slid out of your hand to the car’s foot-well.

“Shhhh… ” you hear Dada say. “I go handle them.”

You watch him open the door and step out.

Few minutes later, silence. Hot urine escaped your groins. Who are these intruders? What if they search the car? What if they find the guns? You wondered.

Obinna turned to Kambili. Gone was their strife. Their eyes seemed to discuss. Each with his gun poised in his hands. Their eyes shone with a deadly gleam that seemed to say: if you cross you die.

One minute.
Two minutes.
Three minutes.

You squirmed on your seat. Your eyes peered through open window to the dark figures some feet away. Your heart drummed on.

Just then, you heard someone laugh. It seemed like Dada’s voice. You strained your ears again. Another roar of laughter, this time louder… Like four more voices had found something of mirth.

You breathed out. Finally! You saw Obinna’s shoulder relax and even the crease in Kambili’s face eased away.

You relax against your seat. Beads of sweat roll down your face. Your right hand crawled towards your gun.

“Guys… Make we dey go. I don settle them!” Dada said. His head stuck into the car from the open front window.

You, Kambili and Obinna stepped out. You all began to find your ways to the senator’s house. Sticking to the bushes, you all followed Dada’s lead. With every step you took, your fear rose.

“Turn back now!” Your mind counseled.
“What about your mother…!” Another voice countered. “Be brave! Be a man! Save her life. This is the only way!

“Yes, this is the only way!” You muttered. Your feet found new energy. Tonight, you will dance to the songs of the spirits if that is what will save your mother.

Your hands waved aside the overgrown shrubs as you meandered through the bushes, stepping into shallow potholes. Your eyes set on the majestic white mansion twenty feet away from you.

To be Continued…

With Love!

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African Stories

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