Edge – Episode 3

African Stories
// 17 June 2017
Edge - Episode four

On a dark night, a Peugeot 504 salon car glided along the snake like path that led to the Senator Obiajulu’s house. It was driving at snail’s pace with its headlights switched off.

You were inside that car with a black gun sitting between your shaky palms. Obinna was by your left. His palm was resting on your left thigh as he whispered into your ears.

“Obi sie gi Ike!”

You almost laughed. How can he say this when you knew that you were standing at the boundary of life. You worked in the senator’s house and you knew the mean faced security guards; Tunde, Maxwell, Zaki and the two others that you didn’t even know their names. And these guards you knew guarded the house day and night.

The car halted at the base of Ikonu Hill right inside the thick fog of shrubs. Kambili removed the key from the ignition. Dada who sat beside him turned to you.

“Wey the key?”

You began to search your pockets where you had hidden the key to the right wing of the second floor where the senator’s mother lived. You had stolen the key that afternoon. You searched your pigeon pocket… Not there.

You squirmed on the seat while searching your side pockets. God! You were sure you came with it.

“I talk am say dis boi na jew boi, “ Dada fumed.

” Take am easy, na. “ Obinna interjected. Na him first time…

” Guy, shut up.” Kambili cut in. “we no dey do small pikin thing for here.”

“Wetin you mean… Eh Kambili..? “ Obinna exploded. His right hand pushed Kambili’s chest.

Kambili fell hard against the steering wheel and as he got up, his fist connected with Obinna’s jaw. Obinna went wild. A fist battle ensued. Obinna held kambili on his throat, choking him with all his strength. The car swung from side to side obeying the rhythm of their battle.

” Guys… Stop. Stop!” Dada ordered in a loud whisper.

“No, wait, make I show this guy something. “ kambili whispered breathlessly as his squeezed throat could permit him.

You sat there, hands still roaming your pockets while you watched the unfolding squabble. Kambili managed to free his neck of the grip. His elbow darted to Obinna’s nose. Lines of blood flowed from his nose. His grunt of pain was loud. He was curled into a ball with his face buried in his laps. And as he raised his face, his gun in his right hand was pointing at Kambili’s face.

You looked at Kambili. He had a smirk on his face. His eyes were dancing in mirth.

“Shoot na! “ he challenged. Obinna was immobile. Statue-like. Kambili’s gun was pointing at his chest.

A bright flash of torchlight from a distance flooded the car. You cringed.

” Who goes there? ” You heard a loud voice ask.

You heard footsteps approaching. One, two, four, six men. Could they be members of the vigilantes? Police? Army?

Your heart sank into your stomach.

To be Continued…

With love!

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African Stories

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