Be The Judge

African Stories
// 19 November 2017
Be The Judge

This is a true life story of a 33-year-old woman, let’s call her, Chioma. She has been married for five years and has three children (female twins and a boy).

Chioma and her husband were perfectly in love and so when the man decided to travel abroad in search for greener pastures, Chioma supported him.

However, when he traveled, things weren’t as rosy as he had anticipated and so he was lured into a drug deal. Gbam! He got caught and was jailed. What was needed to save him was over $50,000 which is equivalent to 20 million Naira.

Chioma, in response to her husband’s desperate calls, sold off their house and their belongings and was able to raise 12 million Naira. She needed additional N8 million. So, she began to beg family members and her husband’s friends to help.

One of them, let’s call him, Jerry, finally agreed to help Chioma on the condition that he will sleep with her because he has been lusting after her. Chioma blatantly refused. But after another two months of running from pillar to post with no help in sight, she confided in her husband about Jerry’s demand.

Her husband began to cry and pleaded with her to yield to Jerry’s demand… If that was the sacrifice she can make for him… She should please go ahead. Anything to get him out of the prison custody.

Chioma finally agreed and slept with Jerry. So he gave her the 8 million and her husband was saved. Now, he has returned back to Nigeria but things are no longer the same. Chioma’s husband says that yes, he still loves her but each time he looks at her, all he sees are Jerry’s hands all over her so he cannot go on with the marriage. He is now asking for a divorce.

Who is to blame in this situation? Chioma, her husband or Jerry? And What’s the way forward?

With love,
Chioma Ngaikedi (Chi-family Chioma o! Not the woman in the story??)

African Stories

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